Top 6 Apps For Personal Finance Management

In order to become a rich person, you need to pay attention not only to how much you earn, but also to how much you spend, which is not all that difficult. You can start tracking your expenses and revenues with one of the mobile applications made for Android, iOS or Windows that we have found for you. By the way, after the release of iPhone 7, you can find some great deals on iPhone 6s. Check out iPhone 6s prices if you are looking for an upgrade.

Personal Finance Management

1. Money Manager
This is a very functional application. It allows you to monitor revenues, expenses, and it also provides comprehensive statistics for any period of time you are interested in. Among the most significant functions are the following: access to data via computer, a double entry system, budget planning according to specific categories, a credit and debit card management.

2. Bills Monitor
We all have to make a significant number of compulsory payments every month. Rent, utilities, cable TV, the Internet, language courses, gym and so on. An overdue of any of these payments might cause you a lot of unnecessary problems. With the Bills Monitor application, you will be absolutely positive that you have paid all your bills in time, and you will also get an idea of how much money you have left for your regular daily expenses.

3. Goodbudget
Goodbudget is an application to control your personal finances. Its main difference from the other apps is that the user is prompted to make a financial plan for an entire month themselves. You indicate how much you would like to spend on entertainment, transportation, food and other expenditure categories, and Goodbudget will track how well you stick to your goals.

4. Splittable
The Splittable application was made specifically for those people who rent an apartment with someone else. With the help of this app, you can easily understand which of you pays more for utilities, how much money each of you has spent on purchasing groceries and other common needs. Splittable will bring the order to your overall expenses, which will help you avoid unnecessary disputes and quibbles.

5. Moneygraph
The application allows you to create multiple accounts and make transfers between them. Also, you can use expense categories or create your own ones, configure and save reports, and synchronize data between multiple devices via OneDrive. The app is exclusively available for the Windows Phone platform so if you are interested in getting a Windows smartphone, we recommend you check out used Nokia Lumia 530 prices online.

6. Expensify
The main task of Expensify is to store and recognize cash receipts. You just need to take a picture of the receipt in a cafe, bar, store, so that this smart application could appropriately categorize the amount presented. This is an ideal tool for business trips, after which it is necessary to submit a detailed report on the money spent to your company.