Inspirational Entrepreneur for Next Generation

Work hard to achieve your dreams and never announce your moves, concentrate on your dreams to make it happen is the motto of many entrepreneurs. They don’t wait for the right time and chance to make it big; all they do is grab the chance for a great success. The same belief made Blake goldring to taste the success in the world of business.

Blake C. Goldring is an entrepreneur Chief Executive Officer of AGF Management Limited. It’s a self-governing Canadian investment organization that serves Canada, Europe, the United States, and Asia since 1957. Blake established the Canada Company in the year 2006 keeping a vision to build a bridge between the Canada’s business leaders and Canadian military.

Blake Goldring1

Initial days of Blake . . .

  1. Warren Goldring and Barbara Dowd Goldring are Blake’s parents and he started his schooling in St. Andrew’s junior High and York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Canada. Goldring holds an Economics degree from the University of Toronto, and in his 4th year, Blake was elected as National vice President of AIESEC.

Blake was shifted to McGill University to accomplish his Presidential duties and later, he enrolled for MBA at INSEAD in France. After completion of MBA from INSEAD, Blake joined Bank of Montreal and worked in the international and corporate banking sectors for several years.

In the year 1984, Blake joined as a Fellow of Institute of Canadian Bankers (FICB), in 1996; he earned (CFA) Chartered Financial Analyst designation, and in the year 2008, Blake received a Doctor of Laws degree honors from the Royal Military College.

Blake Goldring

Blake’s days in AGF

In the year 1987, Goldring quit BMO and started career as a market analyst in AGF, worked on Japanese investment portfolios. Later in 1989, took responsibilities to achieve sales target in Eastern regions and Quebec.

Blake took up the initiative to expand the AGF International Advisors Company Limited development in Ireland in the year 1991 and later in 1994, voted as marketing and Sales head.

Goldring was elected as chief operating officer (COO) and president of AGF in 1997, later in the year 2000, he was chosen as CEO, and in 2006 he was appointed as Chairman and CEO of AGF.

Blake led the four planned investment for AGF developments to increase the client base and also to include additional net-worth and institutional investors from the mutual funds. The four strategies mainly concentrate on institutional, retail, private client, and substitute investment management.

Awards, recognition, and other services

Goldring has served many boards and committees that have made him to earn awards in the financial industry. In the year 2012, he was recognized by the Canadian Diversity Champion by the Women of Influence. This is North America’s organization that’s dedicated to recognize the professional accomplishments of Women in Canada and the United States.

The strong dedication and leadership toward the strengthening between the Canadian society and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), CDA institute named him in the year 2014 for VIMY Award recipient.

Blake is presently involved in many business communities, such as Director for C. D, Howe Institute, Member for Canadian Council of Chief Executives, World Presidents Organizations, and also leadership Council Member for Toronto Financial Services Alliance.

Blake goldring and his wife Belinda lives in Toronto with their three daughters, loves to spend time on outdoor activities, such as tennis, fishing, and golf.