How to Convert Business Training Videos from VOB to AVI?

Many business training videos are still stored in DVD or DVD-compatible formats, which is why you may encounter some that are VOB files. While most computers are capable of handling VOB formats, few other devices can – especially mobile devices. In any case, much of the content on VOB videos is lost on mobile devices due to the multiple audio streams, and DVD menus that are inapplicable on these devices.

If you want to use your business training videos that are in VOB on a wider array of devices including mobile devices, then you will have to convert them. One of the best formats to convert them to would be AVI – seeing as it is widely compatible across all sorts of devices. That being said other formats may work just as well, such as MP4.

Convert Business Training

Assuming it is your first time attempting to convert the format of any videos, you should use Movie Video Converter to do so. It will make the process to convert VOB to AVI easy enough that you’ll be done in 3 simple steps:

Add the VOB video that you want to convert by clicking ‘Add DVD’ and selecting the DVD or ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting the file.

Open up the ‘Convert to’ list and select ‘AVI’ from the list of formats available. Alternatively, you could pick a preset for a device or platform that you intend to use and let the software handle the settings for you.

Start the conversion by clicking ‘Convert’.

It is worth noting that you can do the same with any other formats of video, as well as audio or image files too. In fact, Movie Video Converter comes with tons of other features that will help you edit your video to enhance its quality, cut and combine segments of video, insert customizable text, and crop or rotate the video frame and orientation. If you want you could also explore its features and start to create animated GIFs out of video clips, extract the audio from video files, and grab screenshots from your videos.

Having such a versatile and all round software to help you convert your videos is definitely going to be useful. In the short term, you can use it to convert any of your business training DVDs to widely-compatible video files, and then maybe even tweak them in various ways too.