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Facts To Know About Testosterone

Testosterone is necessary for overall health in a human being and it is required for certain bodily functions since it is one among naturally produced hormones in the body. Whether we like it or not body will produce testosterone for certain important functions and hence it is not a foreign substance.

It is a scientific fact that if hormone supplements are ingested in the form of pills they are metabolized by the liver. This can cause other health issues and doctors prefer to prescribe gels, patches and creams for better absorption and fewer side effects. Patients get the full benefits of the hormone with fewer side effects. This is the reason, bodybuilders and performance enhancing athletes prefer testosterone than any other anabolic steroid available as it can have a positive impact and it is very powerful compared to them.

Facts To Know About Testosterone

Effects of testosterone on human body

Once the problem is detected, this could be diagnosed by the administration of adequate levels of steroid and the effects could be as follows:

  • It helps in the increase of muscle mass and pumping
  • Increase in power performance and increase the desire to workout
  • Improvement in sexual performance

So, how low testosterone is considered to be low?

The general testosterone levels is 300ng/dL(read as Nano grams per deciliter) and the maximum is 800 ng/dL. The production of testosterone hormone is controlled by the pituitary glands of the brain on how much to produce. It is majorly responsible for development of male sexual characteristics.

Natural ways to boost Testosterone are:

  1. Zinc: Increase the amount of zinc in your diet. Zinc is found in red meat, poultry, crabs, lobster, beans, nuts and whole grains. 11 mg of zinc is required in adult men.
  2. Controlling sugar levels is also essential to increase testosterone levels. So be careful on your sugar intake.
  3. Good vitamin D levels also help in improving testosterone levels.
  4. Reduce stress as that could impact the pituitary glands and effect the production of testosterone.
  5. Reduce the excess weight by following a proper diet. Also men who are diagnosed with pre diabetes are at risk of low testosterone levels.

Women are naturally at a disadvantage as they suffer from hormonal imbalance during menopause and this is most evident with lowered testosterone levels.

But testosterone is considered affordable among all the available anabolic steroids. The supple is said to be through the roof since there is high demand for testosterone today. These boosters or supplements are also used as a treatment for people who are obese, as this has an ability to reduce fats from the body. These boosters are given in the form of shots, gels, or pills to the people as a treatment to boost the sex drive in men, increase energy and improve muscles. The levels of the hormones have always to be balanced, as people might experience the problems related to the changes with the behavior. Some might undergo depression, can become aggressive. These supplements can also be naturally found in some of the food materials such as fenugreek, oysters, etc.