Executive Suites: The Office Space of Future

Executive Suites is an innovative concept in office spaces. These are an economical and no-strings-attached substitute to traditional office buildings. Instead of conventional office buildings, where the business has to lease the whole building as work area and then make it ready to house business operations, one can opt for ready-for-use executive suites. Executive suites offer a small (or large) area in a coworking facility on lease to businesses to work as their offices. Business owners or entrepreneurs can rent executive suites for a long or short term to suit their business requirements. Executive suites come equipped with all the basic office amenities and administrative support.

Bridgeworks coworking is a company that designs coworking spaces. The company also offers executive suite for small and big business owners. It offers its executive suites as a cost-effective solution to the question of office space of businesses and entrepreneurs. The executive suites developed by BridgeWorks can also operate as satellite offices of big businesses that have their headquarters in some other city. BridgeWorks allows the businesses to extend the lease or increase the space of their executive suites according to their changing needs.

BridgeWorks also offers virtual offices in its coworking facility. Its executive suites are different from its virtual offices. Virtual offices enjoy the amenities, such as corporate mailing address, meeting room access, phone answering service, etc., similar to those of executive suites but they do not have private office space on lease like the latter. So, virtual offices are suitable for home based enterprises but executive suites fulfil the needs of a small or big business aiming to grow at a fast pace.

Executive Suites

BridgeWorks combines with its executive suites all the other facilities that it offers with its other coworking spaces. These spectrum of services include lounges and café with free coffee & tea, virtual address and mailboxes, secure lockers and storage, networking and mentorship workshops, on-site parking, meeting & conference rooms, full-time cleaning staff, media and entertainment room, on-site industrial printer, access to all locations and all-inclusive furnished spaces, community, member portal, and events, etc.

BridgeWorks offers many flexible arrangements for its executive suites. The businesses opting to lease executive suites can select a period of six months, 12 months or one-and-a-half year according to their work requirements. They can extend the lease if they want to. They get complete corporate ambience in their executive suites. The effective work environment is created with the aesthetically done theme-based interiors, exclusive office furniture and amenities like telephone answering services and high-speed Internet. Clients leasing executive suites are also provided with mail services with a mailing address. Here the link

BridgeWorks executive suites bring a chance to the clients to network with other business owners renting spaces in the facility. This networking can bring benefits of publicity to different companies. It can also open doors to new opportunities for many businesses. It also helps in promoting a professional image of companies. These executive suites such advantages to the entrepreneurs and removes from their minds the worry of administrating their offices. No wonder, executive suites, like the other options of coworking spaces, would be the preferred choice of entrepreneurs for office space in future.